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Furniture Foam

Furniture uses a lot of foam, of that there can be no doubt, but if you are looking to buy foam for furniture, where do you start?

The best place to start as they say is at the beginning, and the beginning is how much foam will you be replacing on your furniture? Will it be simply the loose furniture foam in cushion squabs and back pads, or will it be a complete re-upholstery job where the entire materials will be replaced including arms etc?

Whatever your requirements, stand assured that TW Foam can supply all the foam for furniture refurbishment.

If you are confident you know what sizes and grade of foam you need, then just use our calculator on the right. If on the other hand you are not sure how to measure for furniture foam, then call us on 0800 345 7770, or email us on where we will be pleased to help you select the right size foam at the right price to suit your furniture foam needs.